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"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow…"

New Plant is the leading grower of Indigenous Plants in South Africa.


We supply major nurseries nationwide. Feel free to browse our incredible range displayed on this website. Nursery buyers are encouraged to register with our store where you will gain access to availability, pricing and specials. Since 1989, New Plant Nursery has been growing indigenous plants for the green industry, informing the public about indigenous gardening, investigating the ornamental and practical value of indigenous plants never before grown in commercial horticulture and breeding new indigenous hybrids.

We grow to help our clients grow
Our clients are our reason for being. Our products and services are aimed at providing ultimate customer satisfaction. We’re always ready to back up our products with useful and accurate information and support to end-users.

It can only be from New Plant
Since our establishment it has always been our aim to supply a distinctive range of high quality indigenous plants. From tried and tested favourites, to the ‘new and different’. All our products are presented in the peak of health – just add water for instant results!

It’s about people and what they need
Do you need to improve a landscape? Rehabilitate an area to its natural state? Attract ‘Mrs Jones’ to your garden centre? You can be sure we’ll ‘hang in there’ until we find the right solution to your requirements.

It’s about Mother Nature
Before we arrived on the scene, the idea of an all-indigenous wholesale nursery was unheard of. Since then, a lot of previously ‘desirable’ ornamentals have proved to be invasive. At New Plant, we provide environmentally appropriate ornamentals for every purpose.

The more things change the more we change
We know that our clients and end users are exposed to a changing environment and that their needs will change as years go by. We keep our fingers on the pulse and strive to meet changes head on, sometimes even preempting them by being ready before the demand arises. Once we become aware of a need, it’s our aim to satisfy it.

Product Categories


Enchanting English Garden Design Mzansi style

An English garden is a simple and informal garden with asymmetrical curves, lush green lawns, delicate flowering plants and a few lush shade trees. It should be an enchanting garden; a perfect place for a new couple to have their first kiss and a place where one can...

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Indigenous water feature garden

Nothing is more calming to the soul than the sound water trickling slowly in a water feature. The water feature at New Plant Nursery that runs into our koi pond creates a very tranquil atmosphere in and around the office. We have great plants to plant around your...

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Ecological Gardening

Ecological gardens are defined as gardens that integrate themselves into natural local conditions. These gardens are designed and laid out so that they comply with the local ecological conditions. They integrate into the local animal-plant interactions, soil...

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