February 21, 2017
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Enchanting English Garden Design Mzansi style

An English garden is a simple and informal garden with asymmetrical curves, lush green lawns, delicate flowering plants and a few lush shade trees. It should be an enchanting garden; a perfect place for a new couple to have their first kiss and a place where one can have a peaceful stroll to clear ones mind.

Meandering pathways encompassed by softly curved gardens is a characteristic feature of an English garden. These meandering stone or brick pathways surrounded by lush plant life adds an element of romance and serenity to your garden. Benches are often placed in secluded spots or vantage points to further enhance the romantic atmosphere. Strolling through a well-designed English garden should conjure up an atmosphere reminiscent of the English countryside and feelings of tranquillity.

Creating an English garden is quite simple, but it takes some planning. A wide herbaceous border along the curving paths is essential. These borders should be planted up in lines of colour and plants that will provide colour all year round should be included. The colour palette should be restrained with greens, greys, blues, pinks, creams and white with the occasional splash of bright colour to catch the eye. The plants should be arranged harmoniously with contrast of line, colour, texture and different growth habits

To successfully do this with indigenous plants we have to use only the more delicate plants and not the stereotypical brutish indigenous plants such as succulents and other woody shrubs.

For these luscious borders we suggest planting a line of Lobelia anceps in front, followed by Barleria repens Rosea, Selago Purple Rain, Pelargonium peltatum hybrids, Asparagus densiflorus ‘Mazeppa’, Felicia sp. Glenwood and Lobelia valida.

You can also plant lines of Agapanthus “Alice Double”, Plectranthus Mona Lavender, Chlorophytum sandersiae and Eriocephalus africana closer to the centre. For a splash of colour under next to features and under trees you can plant Cythanthus elatus x montanus or some of our other bulbous plants.
In the centre of your gardens you can plant some flowering shrubs with colours that complement the pallet of your borders such as Freylinia tropica White, Hypoestes aristata ‘Purple Haze’, Jasminium multipartitium ‘Bush form’, Plumbago auriculata ‘Cape Dark Blue’, Polygala fruticosa ‘Southern Shores’, Salvia chamelaeagnea Blue and Clerodendrum ugandense.

For your shade trees you can use Rhus lancea or Podocarpus falcatus because of their lush foliage. Under these majestic trees you can plant plants that like shade and semi-shade such as Makaya bella and Dychorsite thunbergiflora.

Are you Inspired to do some creative English Garden Designs Mzansi style but not sure where to get these stunning indigenous plants? Take a look at our Garden Centre page, find plant nursery near you and look for the butterfly!