August 10, 2018
| On 9 months ago

Create a bird restaurant a great place to preserve our natural beauty

A garden can become a great place to preserve the natural food webs that exist in your area. Let’s look at one way that you can work in harmony with the environment.

You can plant trees, shrubs and flowers that will attract birds, but you can also cheat and put up some bird-feeders. Place them in an area of the garden where one can watch from their house or stoep to enjoy the visitors! When choosing South African plants to please birds, remember what birds love best: plants that provide shelter for nesting, food in the form of fruits, seeds or nectar and plants that provide nesting material.

An example of a great ‘bird tree’ that you won’t regret planting is the attractive Halleria lucida. It occurs all over South Africa and when the flowers aren’t attracting sunbirds it’s full of fruits that attract other species. Sometimes, it even has fruit and flowers at the same time!

The indigenous Camphor tree (not to be confused with the exotic species of camphor tree) also has a wide natural distribution and it bears lovely, fluffy seeds that make a delightfully snug and fragrant nest lining: birds also like their ‘houses’ to smell nice!

Bringing a bit of biodiversity into your garden isn’t difficult. Imitate nature and enjoy the results!