Curtisia dentata Lollipop -10kg

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Curtisia dentata Lollipop -10kg

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It is a handsome, evergreen tree with beautiful foliage that looks good throughout the year. It has great potential as a garden tree, an evergreen hedge and a timber tree.The bark is smooth and grey or cinnamon-coloured in young specimens but it becomes rough, dark brown to black and deeply square-fissured with age. The flowers are inconspicuous, not very attractive nor are they scented. They are small, drab cream- or fawn-coloured and velvety and appear in much-branched sprays at the ends of twigs The fruit is a small, rounded to oval, fleshy berry, about 10 mm in diameter. They generally appear 6-10 months after flowering. For best results plant it in deep, fertile soil with plenty of compost and water generously for the first 2 to 3 years. Apply compost at least on an annual basis, and a general fertilizer in spring.

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