Erica mammosa*White 15cm

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Erica mammosa*White 15cm

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It is a slow-growing and long-lived, robust, erect, well-branched shrub, 0.5–1.0 m tall, growing to a height of 1.8 m if left undisturbed. It has small, linear leaves, 6–10 mm long, arranged in whorls of 4 to 6. The flowers are inflated-tubular with a closed mouth and are 15–20 mm long. Flower colour varies from locality to locality and from bush to bush, ranging from orange-red, purple, dark red, greenish cream, and white, to various shades of pink. It should be planted in a sunny position with well-drained, sandy, acidic soil (pH 5 to 6.5). Avoid warm humid conditions and ensure that the area in which it has been planted has good air movement. Feed and mulch with well-rotted compost.

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