Gunnera perpensa -4kg

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Gunnera perpensa -4kg

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is a perennial, robust, erect herb up to 1 m. tall that always grows near water. The roots are up to 300 mm thick, creeping in black, muddy soil. The inside tissues are yellow-brown. All the leaves arise from a central tuft near the top of the apex, just above the soil level. They are large, dark bluish green, kidney-shaped and covered with hairs on both surfaces, especially along the veins in young leaves. The flowers are numerous, small and not very noticeable, tiny pinkish reddish brown, borne on a long slender spike, which is taller than the leaves. On each spike there will be female flowers at the base, male flowers at the top and bisexual flowers in the middle. Enjoy wet and marshy areas.

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