Maytenus procumbens – 4kg

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Maytenus procumbens – 4kg

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Is a small, unarmed tree or scrambling shrub, densely bushy with somewhat drooping branches. The leaves are glossy green or bluish green and leathery, with a few spine-tipped teeth.  The small, cream flowers are followed by spherical fruits that burst open to reveal the bright orange seeds that are loved by birds. A hardy, adaptable and drought tolerant species, it withstands the harshest coastal conditions and poor soil, while always looking neat and fresh. It can be left to itself for a natural effect, but also responds well to pruning and can be trimmed to shape as a shrub or small tree for more formal settings. If used as a ground cover for rehabilitation purposes, it protects the soil with its scrambling branches, allowing other species to establish themselves quickly. It usually flowers in winter, but may also flower in mid-summer.

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