Portulacaria afra

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Portulacaria afra

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Thick, rounded succulent leaves and stems, excellent in pots or for dry areas. Leaves edible, sour good for salads. Plants have many uses – hedging, screens, fodder, bonsai and rockery plant. Very drought tolerant. The ideal plant to get your carbon credits – one of the highest CO2 ‘digesters’ of the plant world! There are 5 different forms available: – the ‘normal’ form: upright growing, medium sized leaves, – the ‘Big Leaf’ form: upright growing, 2-coin sized leaves, dark stems, – the ‘Prostrate’ form: appearance same as normal form, but prostrate growing habit, ideal for slopes! – the ‘Aurea’ form: golden green leaves, prostrate growing habit, – the Tricolor’ form: variegated leaves, prostrate growing habit.

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