March 14, 2017
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Romantic Moonlight Garden Ideas

If you like taking strolls through your garden at night, you are a selenophile or simply a hopeless romantic, then you need a moon garden. It is also practical, since it is already dark when most people get home from work, a moon garden can offer us a little bit of second hand sunlight so that we can make time to enjoy the awe of nature in the busiest of schedules.

A moon garden creates a way to enjoy the moonlight through its reflection of white or light coloured flowers or foliage. White flowers appears to be glowing at night under the moonlight, creating an enchanting and dreamlike ambiance. Flowers that are born on plants with dark foliage appears to be floating in the air as the leaves fade into the darkness. At new plant we gave a myriad of plants with white flowers that you can use to make a surreal looking moon garden.

Shrubs that you can use include Agathosma cilliaris White, Carissa bispinosa, Carissa macrocarpa, Coleonema album, Jasminium multipartitum ‘Bush Form’, Leonotus leonorus ‘White Lion’, Makaya bella, Plectranthus ecklonnii ‘Tommy’ White and Salvia chamaleagnea White. Agathosma cilliaris White and Jasminium multipartitum will also stimulate the senses with their wonderful aromas. We suggest choosing one though, because the citrus aroma of the Agathosma cilliaris will overpower the delicate scent of the Jasminium multipartitum flower.

Groundcovers that will make a suitable addition to your moon garden include Gomphostigma virgata and Selago corymbosa and bulbs include Chlorophytum saudersiae, Dietes grandiflora and Dietes irridoides. We suggest planting your plant in an English garden style with curving beds and pathways. Planting your plants in a circle of crescent shape will also create a feeling of capturing the moon itself in your garden.

Adding archways will also create an interesting focal point to your garden. Paint your archway white and train a Senecio macroglossus to climb on it. Benches painted white is an essential addition to your moon garden so that you can relax and enjoy the magic.

Another element to consider is sound. Wind blowing through grass or grass-like plants will add to the magical atmosphere of your moon garden. We have an attractive selection of restios and sedges that is looking good at the moment. Other additions you can make includes adding solar-powered lamps for those dreaded moonless nights, using bleached pebbles or crushed granite in your pathways, adding a fish pond with light coloured koi fish and adding fairy lights to your trees.

To get your moon garden planted and looking good before the summer is finished will be a challenge, but if you plant it up now it will looking stunning at spring time.